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  • multi-purpose desinfectant

    High quality multi-purpose desinfectant

    Acreditation HACCP
    • 3,95EUR/single dosis (=1L)
    • 5,35EUR/single dosis+1L bottle and label
    buy full carton (12units) and get 20% discount +
    1 bottle with label and delivery for FREE!
  • Floor cleaning set SUPER PRO60

    Had floors cleaning set:

    • Multi Cleaning TROLLEY 2x17L (like foto)
    • Metalic holder MASTER60cm
    • Cotton MASTER MOP60cm
    • Anodized handle ALU150cm


  • Mediclinics hand dryer

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    Delivery costs 2,90 EUR up to 35 EUR, order from 35 EUR - delivery FOR FREE! (in Lithuania)

    Delivery costs 10 EUR up to 100 EUR, order from 100 EUR - delivery FOR FREE (in Latvia)

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