Surface care
Surface care

Specific solutions to the cleaning and disinfection of all kind of surfaces.

Easy application formats customizable for every need (products in large and small format, spray and foam pistols, aerosols...)

Wide range of detergents: for environmental use, food use and disinfectants detergents in the clinical setting.

Surface care  There are 94 products.


  • Multi-purpose

    Multi-purpose all kind of surfaces cleaners. Clean, protects and restore original shine.

  • Specific cleaners
    Specific cleaners

    Specific surfaces cleaners for marble, window, natural stone, plastic, metal, crome, stailness stell and etc. care, restore and protect.

  • Sanitary facilities
    Sanitary facilities

    Cleaner is for bathroom tyles, furnitures, WC, walls, floors and so on care, protects and restores.

  • Desinfecting detergents
    Desinfecting detergents

    Total and instantaneous hygiene for objects in contact. Quick drying. Suitable for situations
    that require preventive action.

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