Hand desinfectant ADK612 500ml
    • Hand desinfectant ADK612 500ml
    Hand desinfectant ADK612 500ml
    • Hand desinfectant ADK612 500ml

    Hand desinfectant ADK612 500ml

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    Personal care disinfectan

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    Hand desinfectant ADK612 500ml

    Hand desinfectant ADK612 500ml

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    DESCRIPTION     Personal care disinfectant (product type 1).    It has a very fast and broad antimicrobial effect.    Bactericidal effect on bacteria: Psiaudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus hirae, Staphylococcus aureus.    No dyes and flavors.    The glycerol it contains protects your hands from irritation and dehydration.

    USE     Attention! Professional users must apply the occupational safety and health measures specified on the label and in the safety data sheet. 

    Used for hygienic disinfection of hands and skin (feet, etc.) in healthcare and public facilities (cosmetics and beauty salons, hairdressers, etc.), food industry and catering companies.    The tool is ready for use. Rub 1 to 5 ml of the product into cleanly washed dry skin (disinfecting hands, feet - especially between toes, around nails). The product can also be sprayed on the skin. The product dries on the skin in 3-5 minutes. The skin does not need to be washed after disinfection.

    COMPOSITION Active substances: propan-2-ol, CAS no. 67-63-0, EC no. 200-661-7, 30%, alkyl (C12-16) dimethylbenzylammonium chloride, CAS no. 68424-85-1, EC no. 270-325-2, 0.1%. Contains glycerol, ethanol, citric acid.

    Suitable for use in: food industry companies, professional kitchens, wellness centers, care centers, schools, customer service companies, sports clubs. Suitable for indoor use: Suitable for installation in bathrooms, toilets, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, washbasins and sinks in workplaces

    PACK 500ml with pump

    Shelf life 24 months.



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