In the CHEMO store for your loyalty, you accumulate loyalty points, which you can spend to cover the amount of the order.

What are loyalty points? And how to get them:

Loyalty points are accrued for the order placed. Formula: 1 Euro issued = 1 CHEMO point

Value of points:

  • 1 CHEMO point = 5 euro cents discount on the order
  • 10 CHEMO points = 50 euro cents discount for the order
  • 20 CHEMO points = 1 euro discount for the order 

According to this formula, 5% of the order amount is returned to you from each order! You can accumulate loyalty points from multiple orders and use them at the same time, i.e. convert to CHEMO discount coupon. 

When can CHEMO points be used?

Once the order has been fulfilled (order status DELIVERED), you will see all your loyalty points in MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT IN YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT. By placing your next order, you will be able to convert them into money, i.e. LOYALTY COUPON. By pressing the conversion button, you will receive a unique loyalty coupon code (eg: 123456LK), which you will enter in the PRODUCT COUPON field during a new order, thus receiving your accumulated discount (NOTE: the discount coupon will be valid 14 days after receiving the last order, only that you have a chance over 14 days to return the goods to us.)

How valid are my points?

CHEMO points can be used within 12 months from the delivery of the order for which you receive them. You can use CHEMO points if the order amount is over 15 €. For points, points are accrued and are valid only for online purchases (i.e. when placing orders through the customer's e-shop account).

Who is covered by CHEMO points:

You can use the loyalty coupon for ALL items with a standard price, a promotional price or with another coupon.

IMPORTANT: The accumulated value of money in the loyalty coupon is not exchanged for cash and the difference is not refunded! The amount of points can also be seen next to each item. If the product is already at a discount, no additional CHEMO points will be awarded for it.