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We glad for visiting our website:

We Ltd. CHEMO Baltic starts in 2009. Our business to sell professional cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, dosing systems, cleaning equipment and systems, electric cleaning / cleanliness devices for personal hygiene to maintain as well as other hygiene products, office cleaning companies, industrial companies, restaurants and cafés, professional kitchens, hotels, schools, education centers, halls and auditoriums, sports clubs, care centers, public and private sector companies, SPA, clinics, hospitals, and according to the needs and individuals requiring professional hygiene standards.

On request for our customers we providing professional advice by its activity, helping to choose the most suitable tools and equipment, the current production of the manufacturer's warranty, we guarantee product delivery to the customer's desired location. It is also a great attention to the preservation of nature, so we prefer those products which will not only ensure high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, but at the same time protects the environment . We are happy to represent latest and most cost effective cleaning solutions, if necessary, instruct the staff make proper use of our products.

For persistent or wholesale customers provide additional discounts.


Have a pleasant shopping and always welcome back ;) And if you need help in choosing products, you can contact us.