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    • Hand Dryer Optima M99A
    Hand Dryer Optima M99A
    • Hand Dryer Optima M99A

    Hand Dryer Saniflow E05

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    Hand dryer Saniflow E05 push - button operated


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    Hand Dryer Saniflow E05

    Hand Dryer Saniflow E05

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    General description

    Saniflow® push-button hand dryer is the rotating nozzle
    dryer that is most widely used in the world, regardless of
    the location to be fitted.
    ·These machines also feature easy maintenance, low
    noise levels and a high level of user safety. Together
    with an accurate design of components, SANIFLOW
    dryers boast the most powerful airflow in the world,
    which, combined with a comfortable drying temperature,
    reduces drying times to a minimum.
    ·Available in a 1,5 mm. thick steel cover, white or black
    finished or in a 1,5 mm. thick stainless steel cover bright
    or satin finished, this hand dryer is ideal for Heavy traffic
    ·Thus, these are proven models with a long durability and
    complete reliability, with anti-vandalism features and
    designed to be installed in high traffic of people such as
    airports, large hotels, sport centers, large recreational
    areas and large official organizations, among others.

    Components & materials
    ·E05: 1,5 mm. thick steel cover, white finished.
    ·E05B: 1,5 mm. thick steel cover, black finished.
    ·E05C: 1,5 mm. thick stainless steel cover, bright finish.
    ·E05CS: 1,5 mm. thick stainless steel cover, satin finish.
    ·One-piece cover fixed to the base by means of 2 vandal
    proof lock screws and lock with special Saniflow ® wrench.
    ·Base in aluminium, 3 mm thick, with 4 Ø 8 mm holes for
    wall mounting.
    ·Fire resistant plastic UL 94-VO fan scroll.
    ·Universal brush motor, 5.500 rpm, F class, which includes
    a safety thermal cut-off.
    ·Aluminium centrifugal double symmetrical inlet fan
    ·Waved wire NiCr heating element on a mica frame that
    incorporates a thermal cut-off.
    ·360º Nozzle in chrome plated Zamak.
    ·Push-button in chrome plated zamak, that activates an
    electronic timer with a 35 second cycle.
    ·Adjustable detection by potentiometer.
    ·4 silent blocks to eliminate vibrations.

    Technical Specifications

    220- 240 V


    50/60 Hz

    Electrical Isolation

    Class I

    Total power

    2,250 W


    10 A

    Motor power

    250 W



    Heating element power

    2,000 W


    245x276x214 mm


    4,65 Kg

    Cover thickness

    1.5 mm

    Drying time

    29 sec.

    Air velocity

    100 Km/h

    Air temperature (10 cm

    50 OC

    Sound pressure (*) (at 2m)

    68 dBA

    Protection rating



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